Top 4 Benefits of Using Compression Sleeves

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen joggers and runners wearing compression sleeves. The knee-high socks, not so much. If you’re into fitness, like so many of us are, you might be wondering why some people are using this kind of gear. It’s easy to pass them off as a passing gimmick, but don’t bash what you haven’t tried! Here are some of the reasons you might want to use compression sleeves.

4 Benefits of Compression Sleeves


1. Improves Blood Circulation:

First of all, wearing compression sleeves can improve circulation. Many athletes, who have sustained certain injuries, have to live with poor circulation. Occasionally, it’s a different condition which has been with them from their birth. Whatever the reason for poor circulation, compression sleeves can help. This is just one of the functions compression sleeves are designed for. When you have better blood circulation, there’ll be less chance of swelling. This will not only soothe the effects of previous injuries, but guard against more of them in the future.

2. Skin Protection:

Another benefits of compression sleeves is that they offer a little protection to your skin. Perhaps you’re a basketball player trying to avoid the hands of your opponents. Or you may be a cross-country runner who has to sprint through trees and shrubs. In a lot of sports, your skin is at risk. Small scratches and bruises aren’t much trouble by themselves. However, when they build up they can end up be pretty irritating! Of course, compression sleeves aren’t quite ice hockey gear. However, that extra layer can make a difference for a lot of different athletes.

3. Stabilises Body Temperature:

Another thing compression sleeves will do is stabilise your body temperature. If your sport is usually in the great outdoors, then you know how irritating the weather can be. However, if you take your sport seriously, you can’t let a bit of rain keep you late for practice. Having to take off and put on more layers will ruin the pace of the game. Compression sleeves, however, can make a pretty big difference. Many are designed to regulate your temperature, and keep you comfortable through every session.

4. Recovery:

Possibly the most annoying things about an active lifestyle is how sore your muscles can get after doing sports. Warm baths are a great cure, but they’re not always practical! One of the biggest benefits of compression sleeves is that they’ll help your muscles recover from soreness. Don’t go out and buy any old set though! To get this benefit, look for compression sleeves that are “true graduated”. When sleeves are made for graduated compression, there’ll be more pressure around your wrist, and less on your biceps. This way, your de-oxygenated blood can flow back to the heart faster, and help along muscle recovery.

There you have the best reasons for getting compression sleeves. I’ll leave you with this warning; try before you buy! If your compression sleeves are so tight they’re restricting circulation, they’ll do more harm than good. If they’re too loose, they’ll be a terrible waste of money!

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