5 Secret Spots Bugs Hide in Your Home

When you start noticing insect pests invading your home, you can be sure more are in hiding. Your home represents an inviting habitat for many types of bugs because it usually has the three factors in abundance that they need to survive: moisture, warmth and food.

The insects responsible for the most dreaded infestations are cockroaches, termites and bed bugs. Controlling these common pests typically requires the help of professional technicians who know how to track down and eliminate insects in the home. To get help, you could type the phrase “bed bug exterminator near me” into your favourite search engine, but pest control professionals are usually knowledgeable about all types of insect behaviour. Understanding some of the common areas where pests hide is the first step in ridding your home of them.


1. Trashcans:

Your kitchen trashcan serves as an enticement for cockroaches to move into your home. Food that gets thrown away draws these disease pathogen-carrying bugs like a magnet. Adding the fact that most people prefer to keep trash cans out of site in areas like a dark cabinet, and you can see why cockroaches love to make themselves at home in them.

2. Basements:

Few places in the home are as dark and sometimes moist as basements. While not typically a collection point for food crumbs, termites can often find their favorite food, namely, the wooden structural elements of your home, in abundance. Professional termite control typically begins with locating and identifying these potentially destructive pests.

3. Furniture:

Bed bugs like to make their home close to where humans sleep and rest. Inside the cushions of upholstered couches and chairs and in the crevices of wooden tables, chairs and nightstands are ideally suited hiding spots for these bloodsucking nighttime visitors.


4. Under Floor/In Walls:

The dark spaces underneath your floors and inside your walls make excellent clandestine spots for insect pests to hide, move throughout your home and sometimes, in the cases of termites, find food to eat.

5. Inside Electronic Devices and Appliances:

Radios, televisions, toasters, coffee makers and the like attract insects, especially cockroaches, and provide them with a haven until the lights go out and they can freely roam about your kitchen. Effectual pest control Miami homeowners depend on to curtail cockroach activity involves the first step of locating the hiding places of these disgusting invaders.

Uncovering the Intruders

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the first sign you see of bugs in your home is the initial wave of intrusion. By the time you start noticing the signs of insect activity, they probably have a well-established presence in your home. Get the help you need to uncover and eradicate pest invaders in your home by contacting a professional pest control company today.

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