Here are some simple rules you need to follow regarding guest posting:

General rules:

  • Post must be at least of 500¬†words.
  • It must contain 2 – 3 related images with good resolution and background.
  • Post must be in proper and simple English.
  • It must have an introduction of 1 or 2 paragraph.
  • Your post should not be a copy of any other web material and it should not be reproduced in any form in future.
  • Write on topics which are not yet written on the site.
  • After your post is published,¬†share it on your social networks and answer reader’s comments (if any).

Rules regarding different category:

At Health, Beauty and Food, we accept health, personal care, lifestyle and fashion related articles, product reviews and recipes. Guidelines for each category are mentioned below:


  • Reviews must be honest, based on personal experience.
  • It must contain product details, experience, pros and cons, rating and verdict. (see example)


  • All the recipes you share here must be tried and tested at least twice by you.
  • You must give credit to original recipe you referred, in your recipe post.
  • Only copying of ingredients list is allowed, directions must be of your own.
  • You must share any special notes that you may have taken while cooking.
  • Use original image. Do not use googled image.

Health/Personal care post:

  • Mention any articles or books you have referred while writing the post under the heading ‘References’ at the end of the post.
  • Use royalty-free images only.

If you are interested to write a guest post, please contact us.