Born Pretty Store Snowflake Floral Earrings Review

I’m very fond of wearing long earrings. I think long earrings can change your look better than statement necklaces. If I have to wear just one jewellery for any party or such function, I would wear a pair of long earrings.

Today I’ll be talking about a pair of long earrings which I wear quite often. It is Born Pretty Store Snowflake Floral Earrings.


Price: $3.19 / Rs. 213.69

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My views:

It is a rose gold colored earrings with diamonds on it. The build quality is good and all the diamonds are stuck very well. None of the diamonds have fallen till now and the color of the earrings have not changed.

Everything is good with Born Pretty Store Snowflake Floral Earrings except that it appears slightly of a cheap quality. The diamonds are not very shiny and the gold color is quite light. All these things can be noticed only when you take this earrings in your hands and watch is closely. When you wear these earrings, they appear good.

The earrings matches my Indian outfits really well. You can also pair it with good western dresses and gowns.


  • Inexpensive
  • Unique design
  • Good build quality
  • Free shipping
  • Easy shopping from Born Pretty Store


  • Diamonds look cheap
  • Color is slightly lighter


Rating: 4/5


Born Pretty Store Snowflake Floral Earrings is a decent piece which comes for a cheap price. Buy it if your like it.

Have you shopped any earrings from Born Pretty Store? How was your experience?


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