Cold Sores – Common Causes and Treatment

Cold sores can range from a mild annoyance to extremely painful, but no matter how severe the outbreak is we could all do without them. Despite the name, the cause of cold sores is not a cold. The issue is the result of a virus called herpes simplex, a reasonably common virus which around 60% of individuals under the age of 50 contract. The wounds can show up anywhere on your body but typically appear on your lips or mouth.

It is important to note that anyone can acquire cold sores. However, to develop mouth blisters, you have to come into close contact with the herpes simplex virus. You can contract the herpes simplex virus by kissing a person infected with the virus or through physical contact. You can also access it from sharing razors, towels, or utensils with people who have the infection.

However, not all people who contract the virus get cold sores immediately. Various factors trigger cold sores, and they include:



Stress does not only have an impact on your mental state, but it also wears your immune system down. Having a worn out immune system can be dangerous, especially for people with the herpes simplex virus. It offers the virus an opportunity to launch an attack, resulting in cold sores.

Cold Weather



The cold weather gives rise to plenty of infections like the flu among others. The cold weather conditions also provide an appropriate atmosphere for the cold sore virus to attack. It is essential to take precautions in the winter, to help prevent situations that cause your lips to dry out and encourage cold sores to appear.

Weakened Immune System


The cold sores or fever blisters continuously attack people with low immunity. The main reason being their system is not strong enough to fight off the virus efficiently. Always remember the weaker your immune system is, the more susceptible you become to the cold sore virus.



Like stress, being continuously tired can cause interfere with your immune system. With a weak immune system, your body becomes an easy target for the cold sore virus. The virus can easily attack your body and form irritable sores in your mouth or lip.

Excessive Sunlight


Exposure to extreme sunlight not only damages your skin due to exposure to UV rays, but it can cause cold sores to appear. The main reason being that the cold sore virus thrives in dry areas of your skin. When your lips begin to dry, there is a substantial likelihood that cold sores will also appear.

Despite the constant occurrence of cold sores, there are, however, useful cold sore treatments that efficiently assist in eliminating them.

Treatment Options for Cold Sores

While cold sores may disappear on their own after several days, the use of prescription drugs as a cold sore treatment helps eliminate them at a faster rate. Prescription treatment not only removes cold sores but they also help in preventing them. The most effective prescription treatments for cold sores include Zovirax, Famvir, and Denavir, among others.

For those who love natural medicine, aloe vera is the best option. Research has shown that the application of aloe vera to cold sores helps in soothing the pain and eliminating the cold sores quickly. The Aloe vera sore treatment contains anti-inflammatory properties that assist in reducing the pain, cold sores cause.

Antiviral medication, which includes benzyl alcohol or docosanol, prove to be efficient when it comes to eliminating cold sores. They also assist in reducing the duration the cold sores stay on your lips. These antiviral medications are easily accessible over the counter.

However, despite the various cold sore treatments available, it is important to note that the cold sore virus does not leave your body after the healing of a breakout. To help prevent the frequent breakouts, ensure that you learn your triggers and how effectively you can avoid them.

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