What Real Beauty is?

Beauty has its different meaning for everyone. For someone it is the facial features or slim body that signifies beauty, whereas for someone it is the skin colour. There are also some people in this world who feels that the real beauty is a good heart. But if you ask me what beauty is, my answer would be, you!
Surprised! Well, yes I feel everyone in this world is beautiful in some way or the other. All you need is that eyes which can see this beauty. Take the example of a mother. No matter how good or bad her child is, it is the most beautiful person for her in this whole world. The reason behind this is the mother’s love for her child. So, if you also have a little soft corner for every living being, you will also find them beautiful.

But this does not mean you don’t need to do anything to look good. I believe our whole body is God’s gift and it is our duty to take its care and keep it in the best way possible. So, do whatever you need to care of your skin, body and health. By doing this, you will thank God for your gift.

Now when you have understood how important it is to take care of your beauty and health, let me introduce to you something which will help you in doing that. It is BeautyGlimpse.com, a site I recently came across and I am already loving it. The reason why I love Beauty Glimpse is that is a perfect place for a women. From beauty to make up to health, wellness and lifestyle stuffs, you will find everything there.

Now when I am talking so much about beauty, let me share some of my beauty secrets. When it comes to skin care and make up, I follow this simple rule: “LESS IS MORE”. I wear make up occasionally, that to as little as possible. But yes, I am very regular with my cleansing, toning and moisturising at least once a day. Also, sometimes I go for natural things like gram flour, ubtan and Fuller’s earth as a face pack and olive oil as a moisturiser.

That is all from my side. Do let me know how you like this all about beauty post. Also, do share your views on beauty and your beauty secrets in the comments below.
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P.S. This post is the entry for Beauty Glimpse’s the real beauty bloggers contest.

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