Four Ways Your Health Expertise Can Earn You Money

We live in an age where more and more people are actively paying more attention to their health, and if you ask me, it’s about time! Everywhere you go, you hear and read about new diets coming to prominence, more and more grocery chains carrying gluten free and non-GMO options, and people taking a much more active role in their exercise regime. Simply put, we’re trying to live better, healthier lives.

If you’re someone who does their best to live a healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself in body and spirit, then high five to you! Being healthy and staying fit can be tough, but it’s always worth the effort! But aside from more energy, a longer lifespan, and just feeling all around more amazing, what other benefits can living a healthy life bring?

Though it may surprise you, your knowledge about health may be a great way to make you money, even if you’re not an expert. With a greater desire to live healthier lives, people are seeking health advice that is effective and safe to get started on their healthy journey. If you’d like to earn some extra spending money, and maybe even discover a whole new career, while helping people just like you get the most out of life, consider these four options to make money with your health expertise.

1. Become a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are an indispensable resource for many people just starting out on their fitness journey. Whether a person has never lifted a dumbbell in their life, or are just looking for someone to challenge them and hold them accountable for their fitness goals, for many, a personal trainer is the pillar of strength they lean on to get started on their health journey, and keep them going.


Though many positions require a degree in exercise science to get a full time position as a personal trainer, many other gyms and clubs offer options for part time employment that don’t require extensive training or certification to qualify for. This can include teaching an evening or morning fitness class, or working as a nutrition consultant.

If you already have a degree in exercise science, or you have some free time where you’d like to make money and help others, becoming a personal trainer might be a great option for you.

2. Start a Health and Fitness Blog

Blogging is an excellent pursuit for health and fitness enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. First, it allows you to share your own experiences and advice with those who need it, allows you to find ideas and encouragement to strengthen your own workouts and fitness pursuits, and can make you a great deal of money if you become popular enough.

Starting your own blog is simple enough: the first thing you need to do is determine your theme and name. Your theme is what particular aspect of health and fitness you’re going to focus on: are you more interested in nutrition and dieting, exercise and physical training, or meditation and reflection to improve mental health? Whatever you decide, keep very focused, at least in the beginning. This way, you can establish your expertise by focusing on one area that you’re already very familiar with. You can always broaden later.

You’ll also need a name for your blog that is both unique and available for registration on the web. Keep it simple to spell and remember. Once you’ve chosen a name, you’ll need to register a domain so that people can find you on the web. Avoid numbers in your name. A good example might be or

As your blog grows, revenue opportunities such as advertisements for third party sites, guest posts from other sites, or paid reviews will become options for you. This will help you earn extra income, while also allowing you the flexibility to devote more or less time to your blog, dependent on what you want it to do for you.

3. Open Your Own Business

If you’re an adamant pursuer of all things healthy, and you’ve got a strong entrepreneurial spirit, you should consider opening your own health business. Whether you’ve always dreamed of running your own gym with a unique focus, or you want to sell health products in a retail store, there is ample demand out there for healthy pursuits.

To start, you should research a health niche in your area that has yet to be filled. There may be an abundance of gyms and fitness clubs, but is there a nutrient store for people to find all of their supplements and vitamins? Conversely, there may be plenty of gyms and health stores, but perhaps there’s nowhere for people to conduct physical therapy without driving long distances.

Whatever the case may be, find a niche you both know well, and can really stand out from the crowd in, then start making your business plan.

4. Design a Better Exercise Machine / Better Fitness Clothing

You may love health and fitness, but aren’t necessarily looking to lead teams or teach people. Maybe you’re more introverted and technical than outgoing and energetic. It’s perfectly fine, and there are still options for you to pursue your passions for health and fitness while benefiting others!


Just like anything else made with human hands, before they became a reality, Gold’s Gym dumbbells and Under Armour running shorts started out as an idea that someone turned into a design on paper. If you’re a health enthusiast who’s training or interests lean more towards engineering or design, you should consider creating or updating the equipment that health enthusiasts use.

Aside from having the potential to improve other people’s’ lives by making them more comfortable and safe, there’s huge earning potential in fitness, sports and health equipment and apparel. reported that the average American, aged 18 – 65, spends $155 a month on health and fitness related purchases, and millenials are spending closer to $500 per month!

Start Earning

As more and more people decide to make a positive impact in their own lives by focusing on their health, the demand for people to help them will already go. If you’re someone for whom health and fitness already plays a huge role in their lives, you can use the knowledge you have, in some of the ways we’ve mentioned above, to not only make a positive difference in someone else’s life, but your own as well.

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