6 Ways Exercise Promote Hair Growth

Physical and internal health go a long way in promoting the growth of hair. The hair clippers club will always remind you that great tools, exercise and consumption of the right types of foods are imperative for the fast growth of your hair.

What does exercise do? It improves your health in general and also boosts the circulation of blood in your whole body: which is good for your hair follicles. It, however, does not mean you should overdo it. Remember that too much of anything will always be poisonous. Too much exercise will cause your body stress which will lead to even further breakage of your hair.

That said, knowing how regular exercise promotes the growth of hair, will keep you motivated on that workout. The following are the ways by which working out works in favour of your hair.


  1.    Production of new cells

Ever noticed that you usually have a very restful night after you have taken an evening run? Well, you are killing two birds with one stone here. Apart from the fact that you are getting a sleep of a lifetime, your hair is also growing.

How does it work? When you exercise, you tend to get better sleep. And, it is during sleep that there is a slower break down of proteins and a higher regeneration of cells. As the production of new cells takes place, so does the awakening of the dormant hair-follicles take place, hence production of hair.

  1.    Reduced stress

Be reminded that stress is among the most notorious causes of hair loss. Keeping stress away could save your hair from breakage. How does exercise come in? During exercise, a hormone called serotonin is released, which in turn suppresses a hormone called cortisol which is responsible for stress.

The more you exercise, the more serotonin is produced and the less stressed you stay. You know how it will work from there: the less stressed you are, the healthier your hair will be. Keep stress away by doing a few morning and evening runs; you will also shed off a few pounds in the process.

  1.    Improved general health

There is a lot that great health can do for your hair. Exercise spares you from cardiovascular diseases (which are the cause of the majority of deaths that take place today). More so, as your cardiovascular muscles are stable, so are you safe from diseases that cause loss of hair and also hinder its growth.

It is no secret that with a healthy body you will have great hair, healthy nails, and glowing skin.

  1.    Nourished follicles

Exercise boosts the blood flow to all parts of the body: including the hair follicles. Remember that as the blood flows in your body, it carries with it nutrients to the different cells. The hair follicles are no different, they each have a blood vessel that supplies it with the nutrients transported by the blood.

More oxygen and nutrients to the follicles mean right to the growth of your hair.

  1.    Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that serves several functions to your overall health. Its relaxing nature leads to a significant reduction in the stress levels and the different body twists and bending improves the circulation of blood even to your scalp.

No stress and more nutrients for your follicles speak volume about your hair growth.

  1.    Cardio

Finally, it is vital to note that cardio exercises are worth every single drop of your sweat. Cardio workouts boost the circulation blood throughout your body by the speed at which it makes blood to be pumped.

If you have not yet incorporated cardio exercises into your schedule, it is time you did. Having it around three times a week will do so much for your scalp and hair. Cardio workouts will include running and aerobics.

As you continue to take exercise as an integral step towards healthier hair, do not forget to adhere to best hair practices like avoiding exposure to too much heat (for instance by running under the scorching sun). Also, do remember to wear protective gear as you partake in any form of exercise and keep it clean: keep the sweat away. Love your hair, and it will love you back!

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