5 Types of Massage for the Aspiring Masseuse

Curious about the world of massage? Here are 5 types of massage therapy that you might specialize in whether you are completing a massage course in Geelong to Warragul or anywhere in between.

Trigger Point Massage

Not unlike deep tissue, trigger point will target problems areas of the body rather than an all over massage. Myotherapy treatments will also use this approach to massage and it is highly effective in resolving referred pain issues when performed by an experienced practitioner. By pressing in one spot, you are able to release constriction along the whole muscle, relieving tension in a wider area. Suitable for chronic pain issues.



Babies and children respond exceptionally well to gentle forms of massage. As a nurturing activity, giving your own child a massage can increase your bond with them, calm them and help them to improve their own dexterity and coordination. With some training, infant and child massage can also be used to treat specific conditions such as colic, eczema, allergies, constipation and even failure to thrive.


Many people know this type of massage by name but have not experienced a treatment for themselves. Reflexology typically focuses on the feet, but may also be performed on the hands. In both instances it enhances the health in other areas of the body by targeting certain reflex points in the feet that correspond to wider bodily systems and organs.

Not only will your feet receive a relaxing massage, but a treatment will also include applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, which although not painful, is more remedial in nature. Sometimes a practitioner will just use their hands, but many incorporate rollers or sticks that act as acupressure tools as part of a treatment.


Emotional support

Beyond physical well-being, massage is increasingly being used as a tool for emotional support, such as complementing a trauma survivor’s healing process. Although some people do not access mental health support at the time trauma occurs, massage can still play a part in restoring well-being throughout various stages of the grieving process for example.

In addition to the well documented benefits of massage and endorphins that calm and assist the nervous system to re-calibrate, the holistic benefit of person to person contact via touch is universal. And it’s a fundamentally human quality to be comforted by this type of intimacy.

Fertility support

This type of massage is suitable for people before they’re trying to conceive or around the time that they wish to begin trying. The benefits of relaxation helps the body to combat stress around fertility and getting timing right. It will also assist in redirecting the energy that tense muscles are harbouring to the areas that will benefit from it more.  You can expect a combination of remedial and relaxation techniques to be used in a fertility massage as well as non-invasive focus on the abdominal area that aims to re-position and strengthen the uterus. Some practitioners will also target scar tissue within the reproductive organs and digestive system.

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