A step towards “Freedom from Dampness”

A few months back we renovated our home the way we wanted to. Me, my brother and my dad were very excited for this renovation and we arranged everything as per our needs and convenience. New kitchen cabinets, lustre paint, false ceiling with LED Spotlights, couch and chairs, we got everything new. After waiting for a month, we stepped into our renovated house and was very happy with it until last month. What happened? Rainfall. Heavy Rainfall.

Okay I know rains are good, especially after scorching summer heat. And we too welcomed rains with our warm heart, monsoon snacks and colourful umbrellas. Everything was good initially when there was some pouring. But then we saw heavy continuous rainfall in the mid July and then enjoyed rains not just outside the home but inside as well.


Condition of ceiling due to water leakage

It started with subtle dampness on one corner of the ceiling and then we noticed the other corner damp too. Next day there were perpetual drops falling from the ceiling. We were afraid that our false ceiling will fall off and or LED lights will damage due to water leakage. Since it was raining heavily for 2 – 3 days, we could not do anything but wait.

We live at the top floor of our building due to which we always face problem of leakage. 2 years back we did Lime Concrete Terracing to prevent water leakage and last year we did not had any issue. We were expecting this year too we won’t face this problem but unfortunately our expectation did not fulfil. Reason for this is thermal cracking of concrete which led to water reaching the ceiling.


Corner wall damaged due to dampness

This year too after the rain stopped for some days, we went for the same method. But then this is definitely not a solution to our recurring water leakage problem. We need a better fix for this.

And then one fine day flashed the new TVC of Dr. Fixit. How come we never thought about this! You know it happens sometime that the solution of our problem is right in front of us but we fail to see it.


Dr. Fixit is a brand which provides waterproofing solutions. They have launched their in-house ‘Technical Services Cell’ to helps their customers to find out their exact problem and then provide the right solution for it. It is better to take expert advice then spending money on something we think is right. Agree or not? Since monsoon is in its last phase, this is the perfect time to get my home’s inspection done. This is my first step towards “Freedom from Dampness”, and become a part of the initiative taken by Dr. Fixit to make India ‘Leak Free’ and ‘Damp Free’.

I am all set to say no to damp walls, damp ceilings, rising dampness, cracks and leakages. What about you?

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