Skin toning – is it necessary?

We all are aware of the three essential steps in skin care regime – cleansing, toning and moisturizing and most of us follows the same religiously. The terms cleansing and moisturizing and their work is very clear to almost everyone but what confuse us is toning.

These questions must have come to many minds that is toning really necessary?  Does skin toner benefit us in any manner? To find the answer let us see what is toning and how it is useful.

What is Skin toning?

Skin toning is process of removing dirt, make-up or cleanser left-over and restoring skin’s pH level using skin toner. Toning cleanses the skin pores and tightens it to prevent dirt and grime entering the skin through pores.

Types of skin toners:

  1. Skin tonics (Alcohol free): Skin tonics are milder form of toners which are made of water and humectant. These types of toner refreshes, nourishes and hydrate the skin. Skin tonics best suit dry, sensitive and combination type skin.
  2. Astringent (Contains alcohol): Astringents are toners which contain alcohol, water, humectants and some antiseptics. These toners are made for oily skin which helps to remove oil, dirt, and make-up that are left by cleansers. It may contain ingredients which will help oily skin to cure and prevent pimples. Regular use of astringents will help to reduce oiliness. Astringents may be drying so it should be followed by a water based moisturizer.

Benefits of Skin toning:

Benefits of skin toning cannot be seen overnight. A toner benefits the skin in the long run.

I am mentioning some of the benefits of toning below:

  • Complete the cleansing process by removing all the dirt, debris and cleanser left in the cleansing process.
  • Closes pores and prevents dirt from entering the skin through pores.
  • Restore skin’s pH level.
  • It soothes refreshes and hydrates the skin.
  • Tighten pores temporarily and shrink its appearance.
  • Improves skin texture and fade fine lines appearance.
  • Reduce oiliness over a period of time (In case of Astringents).
  • Help keep skin clear and firm by leaving you with a layer of new healthy skin cells.

After knowing what skin toning is and how it benefits the skin, it can be said that is an essential part of skin care which cannot be missed.

Is toning a part of your skin care routine? Do leave your views about skin toning and this post in the comment section below.

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