7 Anti-Aging Treatments That Won’t Break The Bank

You get up in the morning, make yourself a cup of coffee and sit in front of the mirror with the makeup kit on the table next to you. As soon as you start putting the foundation on, you hate what you see – new lines, bigger pores, red spots, and it seems like there are new ones appearing every day. Even though those are only consequences of every frown you made when you had that little fight with your husband, or a bright smile when you saw your little one on his first day of school, we still do not want to see them there. Memories should be in our heads and photographs, not visible on our beautiful skin.

Nobody likes surgery, going under the knife, lying in bed, recovering from the procedure weeks after. And what is more, not many can afford it. Fortunately, today there are many little procedures that do not require you to stay in hospital, or your life savings, but can turn the clock.

7 Anti-Aging Treatments That Won’t Break The Bank

1. Microdermabrasion

Over the years, your skin slowly loses its softness and smoothness. Also, all of those summers took their toll, when you were young and reckless, refusing to put sun cream on. Now, your skin is full of little red spots and freckles that you cannot get rid of. Microdermabrasion is a procedure during which a professional uses textured metal wand to soften the lines, remove skin cells from your face, and body. It is almost painless, and you should repeat it every two to three weeks, depending on your skin type, to really see the results.

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2. Chemical Peel

This anti-aging treatment literary does what its name says – peels the top layer of your skin. A mixture of several acids is applied to your face, and left for a couple of hours. In the beginning, your skin might feel a bit sensitive, but after only a week, you will be able to see significant results, as your skin tone will be evened out, free from red and brown spots. Only thing you should prepare for is that it might burn you when you apply it, but after a couple of minutes, the feeling will pass.

3. Injectables

Botox injections became so popular that now it is something women do during their lunch breaks. They block muscle contractions, and consequently remove unwanted lines and wrinkles. Do not worry, it is not painful, some describe the experience as a mosquito bite, and after Botox you will feel like you have just come back from a cosmetic surgery as your face will be lifted, and all lines evened out. However, as this is not a permanent anti-aging treatment. This procedure need to be repeated every few months.

4. Fillers

With age, we lose the volume in our face, and our body does not produce collagen naturally anymore, so we need a little help from the outside. To have that baby face once again, a professional fills in lines and wrinkles on your face to tighten it up.

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5. Latisse

Many women long for long lashes, as it makes their eyes look bigger, and so more appealing according to the today’s standards of beauty. We all want perfect lashes, like the ones models have in all those mascara commercial. If you want to have your natural lashes prolonged, this is the right procedure for you. However, you need to be careful, as there can be certain side-effects like itchiness and darkened pigmentation of the iris, so always talk to a professional before deciding to do this, and learn how to deal with possible consequences.

6. Sclerotherapy

Sclerothepy is also known as the spider vein treatment because it helps you get rid of those unappealing spider-like veins from your skin, usually from your legs. There are also some laser treatments, but this particular anti-aging procedure is done with saline injections that first turn veins into small scars which eventually fade away and disappear completely from your skin.

7. Laser Resurfacing


In this anti-aging treatment, dermatologist uses fractional lasers to make your skin smoother and tighter. What these lasers do is restore collagen and elastin that you have been lacking, and you can see the results after only a week. As this might hurt a bit, they use topical anesthesia before the procedure, to prevent the feeling of pain.

So do not worry about saving money for these procedures, as they will not make you dig deep into your wallet. Finish up that cup of coffee in peace, and instead of going to your favorite restaurant on your lunch break, pay a visit to the nearest medical clinic and see which procedure will suit you best.

Have you tried any of the above anti-aging treatments? What you think about them?

Guest Post by Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is an expert with healthcare and beauty tips. She focuses her work on inspiring others to develop lifestyles that nurture their individuality so they can follow their dreams and have a fulfilled life.



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