6 Weight Loss Tips that Don’t Involve Dieting

According to experts, starving and depriving yourself of essential nutrition is not a safe and sustainable way to lose excess body weight. While a fad diet may result in rapid weight loss for some, it deprives the body of a wholesome satiating diet, which eventually results in most people gaining back the weight they lost in a weight-loss program.

Indeed, dieting is not the only way to feel and look healthy from the inside. You can transform your body and your attitude toward food and exercise through a myriad other ways that won’t adversely affect your physical and mental well-being.

Here are six ways you can lose weight and live a healthier life without resorting to a punishing diet plan.

1. Keep your phone out of sight while eating


Eating mindfully is a big part of eating healthy. Scrolling on social media while gulping down food is definitely not going to help you get a slim waist. Instead, such distractions take your focus away from the joys of enjoying a nutritious meal and the tastes and smells of food.

So make it a habit to put away your phone and laptop and turn off the TV before sitting down for a meal, and give your food the attention it deserves. That’s when it will nourish and heal your body the way it’s meant to.

2. Don’t eat alone


Having company for a meal may not always be possible, particularly if you leave alone, but try to eat with friends or family when you can. Studies have shown that those who eat with a spouse or partner or with other cohabitants tend to eat more vegetables compared to single dwellers—perhaps because eating with other people encourages one to imbibe the good habits of healthy eating observed in most families.

So, if you can manage to have company for eating, make sure it’s a person and not a gadget.

2. Observe your sleeping patterns

Sleep has a deep connection with your overall health. If you see yourself yawning and feeling listless during the day, chances are your body is not getting the rest it needs to rejuvenate and repair itself.

Simply by observing how much you are sleeping every night, you’ll be able to pinpoint what exactly you need to change to feel more energetic, get rid of those under-eye bags and have better mornings. But how does sleeping well affect your weight-loss process?

Studies show that not getting enough sleep (at least eight hours per night) can reverse the effects of even the best weight-loss and diet programs. So educate yourself about the importance of getting adequate shuteye and make sound sleep a priority starting tonight.

4. Wake up early for exercise


Did you know that even 30 minutes of exercise early in the morning can make a world of difference in your metabolism (the rate at which your body converts food to energy) and your overall health. Whether it’s running, jogging, yoga, biking, swimming or any other type of physical activity that you enjoy, make it a habit to get some exercise first thing in the morning.

Researchers have found that those who exercise on an empty stomach end up burning more fat, which adds to a lot of lose weight over time. If you find the thought of exercise or waking early unnerving, start small. Do it twice a week and then gradually increase the duration, frequency and intensity of your workouts.

5. Cleanse your body of toxins


Health and fitness experts say that regular cleansing has many advantages as it rids the body of toxins accumulated over time and refreshes and rejuvenates internal systems and processes.

Nutritional cleansing is different from dieting as it usually involves cleansing and revitalizing the body by adhering to an all-natural diet on certain days of the week. It is considered to be a safe process that removes impurities and pollutants, helps improve energy levels, supports weight loss and enhances overall well-being.

6. Drink more water

The best thing about this age-old and oft-repeated advice is that it actually works. When you drink more water every day before meals, you tend to feel full sooner and eat less with every meal. Moreover, water intake flushes out toxins, improves metabolism and provides a calorie-free and convenient alternative to sweet beverages.

A simple tip to drink more water while at work: Place at least two full bottles of water on your desk so that you’ll be less inclined to go get a soda when thirsty.

These are a few tips to help you lose weight the right way. If you have some more points to add to this, do leave them in the comments below.

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