Signs It’s Time To Change Doctors (For The Sake Of Your Health)

Going to the doctors should be an experience that runs smoothly, and enables you to get the treatment that you require. However, for a lot of people, it can often be full of dread and worry. It’s important to be satisfied with your doctor so you can stay healthy. Here are some signs it’s time to change doctors for the sake of your health!


You can never get an appointment

One sign it’s time to change doctors for the sake of your health is if you can never get an appointment. You need to be able to go and see your doctor quickly if there is something wrong. So if you keep ringing and struggling to get in for an appointment, it is best to consider moving doctors. You don’t want not to go as they are busy, and it turns out to be a serious issue that needed to be dealt with quickly. Talk to the surgery about easier ways to book an appointment. They will be able to advise when it’s best to ring. Some surgeries offer an online service where you can book appointments. If they don’t offer any useful advice, it’s time to explore other doctors.

You are moving to a new area

Another sign it’s time to change doctors for the sake of your health is if you are moving to a new area. Despite the fact you like your current doctors, you need to be in close proximity to get there. If you are ages away and you are ill, it might be too difficult to get to the doctors. In addition to this, if you need the doctors to come out to you, and you are outside of their area range, they might not be able to. Therefore, you need to move to a new area so you can be seen by the doctor in case of an emergency.

You feel like they have given you bad advice

You should also consider changing doctors if you feel they have given you bad advice. If you have come away and found that you have got worse down to their advice, it is best to go for a second opinion. If they have committed medical negligence when it comes to your health, you should try and talk to the practice about your concerns. You might need to find about their complaints procedure if you are unhappy. If it’s very serious, you may want to go down the legal route and find a medical malpractice lawyer. They will be able to support you through the case.

You feel like you are being rushed

Another sign it’s time to change doctors for the sake of your health if you are feeling you are being rushed. You need to feel comfortable at your current doctors and happy to speak to them about your concerns. You don’t want to feel like you are taking up too much of their time. You also need to feel like they are listening to you. If you feel like they aren’t communicating effectively, it’s a good idea to change to a different doctor.

Remember that the doctors are there to help you, so if you are not satisfied, it’s time to speak up and see what they can do!


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