Healthy Food that can be stored for a long period

If you love to eat, you love to live, and what better way to live than by eating healthy? From counting calories to ensure you get your protein and carbohydrates, eating healthy will not only help you build muscle but make those gains in terms of weight loss and fitness productivity.

Welcome to our Food Storage 101 where you will learn about foods you can eat and store for long periods of time before consumption. Here’s how you say goodbye to constant cooking and how to eat right especially if you’re on a tight schedule every day:

Mexican Burritos


Easy to make and prep up, you can store away your burrito supplies and eat after 2-3 days if wrapped right (pun intended). Burritos quench your thirst for protein and fulfill your dietary needs. When you order from Eat Fit Curefit, you even get a complimentary mini fruit bowl along with a Rejoov Eat.Fit cold-pressed juice to up your calorific intake. Burritos are perfect for breakfast and lunch, or brunch – if you swing that way. Fillings feature a blend of rice, beans, and vegetables and base is 100% whole-wheat tortillas to spruce things up.



King of South Indian cuisines and a fantastic breakfast savior, Idlis are perfect for a new you. If you want to become fitter and want a food you can eat tomorrow, get an idli and store it in the refrigerator without adding salt for an optimized shelf life. Rava idlis are the bomb and come packed with coconut chutney and sambar to spice your mornings up.



Honey can be stored for years and let’s face it – it’s a secret most of us aren’t even aware of! Store it away in the dark cellar and open up a year or two later and you can taste the sweetness right at the tip of your tongue without any quality compromises!

Pita Pockets


Properly stored packaged pita bread last between 5 to 7 days. What this means for your pita pockets is a maximized shelf life. Simply enjoy these with a swig of cold-pressed juice from Rejoov and your meal will become complete! Our pita pockets come with protein-rich hummus, cucumbers, caramelized onions, and spicy jalapenos, which make for a tasty treat and contain zero sugars. At 14g of protein and at only 495 calories, Pita Pockets are your perfect afternoon or mid-day snack!

Yoga Bars

Grab a yoga bar for your yoga classes and after-class hours and snack healthy and effectively! Efficient and fits right in your pocket, yoga bars are the epitome of whole-grain goodness and come packed with nuts, raisins, and almonds. Available in different variants, these bars are low in calories and crammed with energy, which is just what you need after a hard workout or for a light breakfast!

We know meals become a cumbersome affair for the busy, which is why we place emphasis on healthy home delivery food which you can enjoy guilt-free! From breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, Eat Fit Curefit will cover your daily dietary needs and let you enjoy embracing the new wave of fitness day in and day out. So, what are you waiting for? Eat healthily and live to your fullest potential every day.

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