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Today’s post is all about Nail Art. Actually, about one of my favourite Nail Art blogger Kanika Sharma. I’m sure you all must be aware of Kanika and her Creative Palace (i.e. her blog and Youtube Channel). In case if you don’t know who Kanika is and what her Creative Palace is all about, let Kanika tell you.


Kanika Sharma

 Who is Kanika Sharma? (in her own words)

I’m a simple girl like you from Delhi but what makes me different is my creative world. By now, you must have got that I’m a creative girl who loves playing with creativity which includes nail art, make-up, fashion, beauty, food, etc. You say it and you can see that on my blog and YouTube channel (My Creative Palace).

As I’m a pure desi girl and that too from Delhi, I love make-up and nail art. These 2 things make me explore more of creativity and also defines my creative nature. Moreover, nail art and make-up reflects what my heart says, so I love my job.


Kanika’s Welcome Spring Nail Art

So HBF readers, now you know who Kanika is and what her Creative Palace is all about. Since, Kanika is a Nail Art blogger and personally like her work, I thought why not ask her about her Nail Art journey and some Nail care and art tips and tricks.

Here she is answering all my questions:

1. For how long are you doing nail art and what made you get into this?

I’m into nail art for 3 years now. Again, my field made me realize what I think through creativity and what’s better than nail art. Creativity made me do this which I simply love.

2. What all products you use for your nail art? Name a few of your favourite.

Base and top coats are must for me when I’m talking about nail art. Then I grab some of my favourite polishes and some nail art tools like a detailing brush or a dotting tool to start on with the nail art process. These 3-4 are my favourites when nail art strikes my mind.

3. Which are your favourite base and top coat?

My favourite base coat is from Oriflame Very Me Nail Base and Top Coat. And my favourite top coat is Insta Dry Top Coat from Sally Hansen.


Kanika’s Rose Glitter Nail Art

4. Which brand come to your mind when you think about nail polish?

Sally Hansen!!!!

5. Are nail art tools essentials for a better nail art? Or we can do it using things found at our home? Name a few objects we find at home which can be used to do some nail arts.

It is really not necessary to use any tools for nail art but yes for perfection, you have to grab some. You could easily find some of the nail art tools in your home itself. Some of them could be:

  • Toothpick
  • Bobby pin
  • Thin painting brush
  • Back side of your makeup brush
  • Scotch tape

6. Name some budget nail art tools and where to get them in India?

If you are a nail art lover like me and you are from India, then it is very much difficult to hunt for budget friendly nail art tools and decorations. But still you need to log in to one site:!! Here you’ll find anything and everything related to nail art and that too very economical with free shippings.

7. Which is your best nail art till date?

Personally I loved my Indian Bridal Nail Art


Kanika’s Indian Bridal Nail Art

8. What is your nail care routine?

I do my nail spa once a week. Firstly, I wipe off all the polish or nail art with nail polish remover. Then, I file my nails as required and push back the cuticles and remove if any. After that I soak my nails for 5-10 minutes in a mixture warm water, baking soda & lemon juice.

Using damp towel I wipe-off all the water and apply a hand cream as required, massaging it to absorb well. Then I apply my cuticle oil spending 10 – 15 seconds on each nail. And finally, I apply my base coat. Nail spa is done!!

9. Please share some tips for beautiful nails with HBF readers.

  • Apply cuticle oil thrice a day
  • Apply 2 coats of nail polish to give an opaque shade
  • Wait each coat to completely dry before applying the second coat
  • Use good quality base and top coats
  • Always apply hand cream after every 3-4 hours to keep your hands and nails nourished
  • Do or go for nail spa at least once a month
  • Don’t bite your nails as it can lead to skin infection
  • File your nails once a week or at least in 10 days
  • Don’t grow your nails too big if they are weak, they will break easily and hurting too
  • Use dark shades of nail polishes in the intervals of 1-2 weeks, regular usage of dark shades will ruin the shine of your nails
  • I’ll suggest not to go for nail extensions as they tend to damage the natural nail bed

Kanika’s Valentine’s Day Nail Art

So guys that was Kanika sharing her Nail art and nail care tips and tricks with us. I hope this special interview post will be useful to you. Do let me know if you want see any other blogger’s interview on HBF. You can share your special questions too which you want to ask your favourite blogger. I’ll try my best to get them answered.

Also, if you want to ask any other questions to Kanika, you can post it in the comments below. If you like Kanika’s Nail Art, do connect with her on Facebook.

Lastly, I want to Thank Kanika for taking out time for this Interview. It means a lot to me dear. Wish you all the best for your work!

P.S. All images are Kanika’s property and it is used here with her permission.


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