7 Reasons to wear Linen Shirts in Summer

Summer has arrived and you can already feel the heat. Since I stay mostly indoors, I don’t have to face the angry sun. But people who have to leave their house and travel during sunny hours, have to bear this extremely hot weather.

What if I tell you that you can feel cooler (Ok, not cooler but a little less hotter) in this scorching heat? And that too while being stylish. Yes, its true. I’m talking about Linen Shirts which are in trend and can also help you beat the heat.

Have a look at these Summer benefits of Linen Shirts and you I’m sure you would like to add these shirts to your wardrobe.


Formal Linen Shirt

Summer Benefits of Linen Shirts:

1. Better Airflow:

Linen is actually a versatile fabric which provide warmth in winter and keep you cool during summer. Linen fabric doesn’t stick to the body while wearing, which means you get a better airflow over the body when you wear a Linen Shirt.

2. Absorb Sweat:

Linen tends to absorb moisture quickly, which means it will absorb all your sweat and won’t make you look exhausted. Also, linen shirts has the property to evaporate moisture, so you won’t feel your shirt damp.

3. Good Conductor of Heat:

Linen is a good conductor of heat. It means it allows heat to escape quickly, hence keeping you cool. Heat conductivity of linen is about five times higher than wool and eighteen times higher than silk.


Casual Linen Shirt

4. Heat reflector:

Linen Shirts are also known to reflect heat making you feel more cooler.

5. Light Weight:

Linen shirts are quite light in weight making it comfortable to wear. This is one reason why you would like to wear these shirts in summer. After all we all want to feel light during those heavy sun days. 😉

6. Stimulates Blood Flow:

Yes, its true! Linen Shirts can stimulate your blood flow. That is why you feel relaxed and refreshed while wearing them.

7. Hypoallergenic: 

Linen has elements which are required to fight the fungi, microfiora, pathenogenic bacteria, etc to prevent allergy. So, wearing Linen Shirts can prevent you from any kind of allergy or summer skin problems.

Apart from these benefits, linen shirts looks lucrative and lustrous and comes in variety of colors and types. You can find formal, casual and designer linen shirts too. These shirts are quite durable and long-lasting as compared to shirts made of other materials.

So, these are some benefits of wearing Linen Shirts in Summer. Do you know any other benefit? If yes then please share it with me in the comments.


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