Spoilt For Choice On Dental Care Products? How To Narrow The Field

We have never been so spoiled for choice as consumers as we are today. This is mostly a good thing – the more choice we have, the more people can get what they really want. However, it can also leave you feeling a little paralysed by the range on offer. Standing in a supermarket, looking at shelves loaded down with product after product – all claiming to do the same thing? Stressful.


Plenty of us around today can remember, for example, when the dental care section in a supermarket was brushes, floss, mouthwash and paste. And that was it. There would be a few different options of each, but that would be it. And if you knew your brand, you might spend about 90 seconds there, picking up the things you needed. Now, the ranges and products on offer go far and wide, and can almost be a little intimidating.

Sticking With Your Tried And Trusted

There is no stronger method of marketing than word of mouth and recommendation. A great many of us grow up using the product our parents used and bought for us. Without thinking, we just stick with it because it’s not let us down thus far. This is a perfectly reasonable way of going about things, as long as it’s working for you. But if you find it isn’t, for any reason, then you need to make a change.

Trial And Error: Finding A New Product

One habit that corporations have developed over time is selling something as “new and improved”. They change the formula, the packaging, whatever they need to give the product a boost. Coca-Cola famously did it before changing back, shamefaced, when people hated the new product. But if your favorite product changes and you don’t like the new product, what do you do? If you realise that it just hasn’t been getting results, do you stick with it?


Seeking recommendations online is a good start. With so many products available, democracy can be your guide – particularly given the new products that emerge all the time. Sources such as ibreathbad.com and others have plenty of information. If you need to try a new method of flossing, upgrade your toothbrush or whiten your teeth, let the internet be your guide.

You Are Your Own Best Guide

In the end, the court of popular opinion decides whether or not a product will be successful and stay on the shelves. You, however, decide whether you like a product. Not everyone is going to like the same thing, so buy a few different options and play them off against one another. As you’ve seen, there are plenty of options on the market, and what suits others doesn’t necessarily suit you.

When it comes to your teeth, the drawbacks to not taking good care of them can be shocking. It’s useful to have some advice from elsewhere on what you’re planning to buy. It’s also important to see for yourself what your experience is with one product or another. In the short and long term, issues with your teeth can cause pain that goes beyond the teeth themselves.

Whether it’s a brush or a toothpaste, or something more specialized, what you use on your teeth will play a part in your future health. So make sure you make an informed choice.

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