Dear Parents, its time to #DoYourHomework

During my usual talks with my cousin I came to know about her savings for her children’s education. Being a parent she has already dreamt their careers and begin saving for their professional education. On the other hand, her children are having different dreams for themselves.

Looking at the increasing cost of education, she said it is important for her to save funds for her 3 kids. I agree with her on this aspect but while our discussion was going on, a question stroke my mind “will her savings be enough to her children’s future?” I didn’t put my question in front of her but it was still there somewhere in my mind.

A few days back I came across to this #DoYourHomework campaign. Luckily I even got a chance to attend their event where they shared campaign elements. After attending the event I got my answer. No, all her bank account savings which is increasing gradually won’t be enough for her children’s future.


#DoYourHomework Campaign Elements

So what this “#DoYourHomework” Campaign is? It is an initiative of Axis Mutual funds which tell us to prepare for our children’s future, both financially and emotionally.

There was an experiment undertaken under this Campaign where parents and children both were given a painting activity. Children’s were asked to paint what they want to become when they grow up and parents were told to paint what they would like their children to become in future. During the course of the activity both parents and children were not allowed to communicate with each other. Obviously both parents and children have painted different careers.

Nowadays children are aware with different career options and they know what they want to do in life. So parents’ responsibility to have required fund has increased. Gone are the days when children use to pursue career of their parents’ choice. Parents need to be prepared for this, both emotionally and financially. This is what #Doyourhomework Campaign is all about.


#DoYourHomework Campaign Module

module is also created under #Doyourhomework campaign which enable parents to find out education cost for various careers across various countries both in the current and in the future, and also suggests the ideal amount one should invest in order to meet the future requirements.

Special books have been curated for this campaign to inspire childrens to explore various careers by reading short stories on various professions, trying their hand with coloring or solving crossword puzzles on various professions.


#DoYourHomework Campaign Element: Story Book

#DoyourHomework Campaign has made parents aware about their Children’s aspirations and showed them a better way to secure their children’s dreams. After attending this event and going through all the Campaign elements I feel investing in mutual funds is a good way to prepare yourself financially for your kids’ future.


#DoYourHomework Campaign Element: Puzzle Book

Let me know in your comments what you think about this campaign and what are your plans to secure your child’s future.


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