ITC Foods ‘You Ask We Answer’ Bloggers Meet

Hello Everyone,

How are you? I know I haven’t been updating my blog regularly. I’m going too busy these days and whenever I get time, I’m either wasting it on social media or chit-chatting with my cousin. I have also been watching a lot of videos on YouTube these days and this is what is keeping me away from my blog. I also want to apologize to all my giveaway participants, as I kept them waiting for days to announce the winners. Finally the winners are announced on my YouTube Channel which you can check here.

Now coming to today’s post, one the best parts of blogging is that we get to attend events and meets arranged by various brands. ITC Foods arranged a bloggers meet last week and I was invited to attend it. Unfortunately I had other commitment that day so I had to send my cousin to attend the meet. Since he is more into fitness, he was very excited to attend the meet.


ITC Foods You Ask We Answer Bloggers Meet was aimed to introduce what all goes behind building successful food brands as well as provide an open platform to answer questions related to packed foods. The event begun with Mr. V. L. Rajesh, CEO of ITC-foods division introducing their business and informing us about how their products are made. This was followed by an informative speech by Marketing Head Kavita Chaturvedi who explained us how Yippee is one of the best instant noodles available in Indian market. Yippee is something which is not just tasty but healthy as well.

Bloggers were asked to put all the questions and doubts which they have regarding packed food or any ITC products and ITC people were ready to answer them all. My cousin asked had a good Q & A session and discussion with them and he was quite impressed with ITC Foods. Yippee was his go-to instant noodles since a while and now he is happy and confident about it.

Table ready for Cooking Competition

There was a fun cooking competition arranged for bloggers in this ITC Foods You Ask We Answer Bloggers Meet where they were divided into 4 teams and each team were required to cook something using Yippee. What can you cook using noodles? Well, our talented food bloggers made sandwich and even golgappas, which was but obvious the winning dish. After all these informative speeches and fun activities, it was time for yummy lunch and a BIG ITC Food Hamper.

Delicious Desserts served to bloggers

Overall, it was a well-spent afternoon gaining some information about ITC Food Division and their best-selling Product Yippee, enjoying the Yippee Cooking competition and having delicious food.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post about ITC Foods ‘You Ask We Answer’ Bloggers Meet. Let me know which of the ITC food products is your Favourite and what you think about Yippee in the comments section below.

Oh wait, Have a look at the ITC Food Hamper:



  1. Hi Fatima,

    Just like you, I too had not updated my blog for a long time but I posted a detailed post yesterday and It had received good response .

    Now, coming back to ITC. We all know that that whole Maggie incident had shattered the Instant noodles industry so badly that it will take companies a long time ( and many such meet ups ) to stand on their leg. In old days, it was easy to get away with these things but now the power of social media, can make or break a person very easily.

    I don’t know about the ” Health” factor ( as I can’t blindly believe whatever Yippee experts are saying ) but I agree that when it comes to taste then Yippee noodles is way better than Maggie ( at least for me ) and I have not tried any other brand. Their pasta is also good but it’s been a long time I have eaten pasta so I am not sure if they tweaked it a little.


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