Dry Skin and Pimples – My Pimple Story

Who says Pimples relate to oily skin beauties only? I being a dry skin person still face pimple issues. And trust me, it is not as easy to deal with as it is for oily skin people. In case of dry skin, you first need to figure out the reason why you got pimples and after that you can take required steps to cure them. Also, you always need to take care that your skin doesn’t dry further in the curing procedure.

When it come to pimples, they are not the only problem. Pimples along with them brings a bunch of problem. You might be thinking I’m talking about the redness and bump which makes skin look ugly or the pain or discomfort a pimple gives. Absolutely NO!


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I’m talking about some other things which are more difficult to deal with. Read on to know what I’m talking about:

My Worst Pimple Problems:

Loads of advices

Yes, I have so many people around me who are anytime ready to give advices. So whenever a few red zits come up, I’m bombarded with advices. May be those advices were helpful but then you can’t handle all this when you are mentally disturbed.

The blast in sleep

One night you sleep with a Pimple and get up with blood stain on your pillow and dried blood on your face. This is something that happen with me often. And yes, this pimple blast leave scars on face.

Resist the urge to POP

Oh yes, every time I see myself in mirror, I’m tempted to pop that ugly-looking bump. But then I suddenly remember that this will leave marks on my face. And trust me, it is a difficult battle to resist the urge of popping pimples.

Blogging is the culprit!!!

Now the major problem which I face is to hear that “I got pimples because of blogging”. This is something very painful for me. Being a beauty blogger I keep on trying new products. And every time I get pimples, my grandmother says this is because of the various products I use.

One best solution for Pimples:


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There are a lot many products available in the market which claims to cure and prevent pimples. But not every product works for everyone. One product I found recently which worked for many is the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash.

Neem is beneficial in curing acne and has moisturising properties too. And Garnier is a brand which has always worked for me, that is why I think this Pure Active Neem Face Wash will definitely benefit me.

So, the next time Pimples attack me, I’m definitely going to grab Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash ASAP.

What all problems you face due to pimples? Tell me your pimple story in the comments below.

P.S. This post is a part of Garnier‘s Indiblogger contest.


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