Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe Face Wash Review

We all are aware of the benefits of Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera for oily skin. Neem is anti- fungal and anti- bacterial and it cure acne and prevent their eruption. Tulsi also has anti-bacterial property and it is an anti-oxidant too whereas Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory property which helps to reduce acne greatly. So, when these 3 ingredients combine together in 1 face wash, that face wash would be perfect for problematic skin.

Today I’ll be talking one such face wash which has the power of 3 anti-acne ingredients, i.e. Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera. And that face wash is Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe Face Wash. Let us learn more about it.


Price: Rs. 183

Quantity: 100 ml

Company’s Claim and Ingredients:


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Packing: It comes in a transparent pump bottle with details stuck on front and back side. Cap too is transparent and stay tight.vedantika-herbals-neem-tusli-aloe-face-wash-review

Experience: Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe face wash is a thick transparent gel-like liquid which has a mild green tint. But it looks green from outside. It smells herbal mainly like tulsi. The fragrance is similar to Everyuth Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash. The face wash lathers well and gives a squeaky clean feeling after use. It doesn’t dry my skin after use nor caused any other problem. Also, it claims to make skin bright but I don’t think this claim hold true. All I can say is it gives a clean-looking face.


Since it is for problematic skin, I gave it to my cousin to test it. She is suffering from acne attack lately and this face wash helped her. After using Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe Face Wash, her newly erupted pimples’ swelling and redness reduced. It really helped her in beating those ugly pimples.

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What I like Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe face wash:

  • Contains goodness of neem, tulsi and aloe vera
  • Gives squeaky clean feeling
  • Calm newly erupted pimple
  • Good for problematic skin
  • Suits dry skin too
  • easily available online

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What I dislike Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe face wash:

  • May not be easily available offline

Rating: 4.5/5

Verdict: Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe face wash is a good face wash for problematic skin. It reduce swelling and redness of pimple and helps to prevent them. It is a perfect face wash for oily to combination skin and even dry skin can use this in summers.

Have you tried Vedantika Herbals Neem Tulsi Aloe face wash? How well it worked for you?

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