Simple Methods To Rid Your Body Of Tiredness And Fatigue

Bodily tiredness and fatigue are harmful effects that can have a serious impact on our overall health. In fact, fatigue is the cause of a tonne of road accidents every year, so it’s vital that we take steps to help ourselves out.

Of course, they’re hard problems to identify, because they don’t have any visual symptoms. However, finding out the cause of your tiredness is key. If you aren’t simply overtired or overworked, there could be a more serious issue.


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Firstly, identify the cause of your fatigue

If you aren’t tired from simply a lack of sleep, your constant fatigue could be a sign of an underlying problem.

While many of the following methods could help overall, they won’t fix an internal problem. Your adrenal glands produce the hormone cortisol, which helps you fight stress. If your glands don’t produce enough, then you’ll need to visit a doctor. It’s worth investigating further if you’re concerned. There are a ton of sources you could use, much like Our bodies are complex machines, so it’s important to identify the root of any problem before tackling it.

Method #1: More exercise

It goes without saying that exercise makes us feel a lot better in a variety of ways. It can boost self-esteem, confidence and plant a smile on anybody’s face. There are a ton of workout fads and regimes that work, so do some research into unique workout routines. It’s important we keep our exercises fresh and quirky to keep it fun. Keeping it fun makes it feel less like work and more like a fun hobby – which will beat that fatigue in no time.

Method #2: Go to bed a bit earlier

The effects of a quality night’s sleep are well documented, and are beneficial for a ton of reasons. Lack of sleep increases the risk of accidents caused by fatigue, so going to bed early lets you get more shut-eye. You could also improve your sleep environment. Kitting out your bedroom with all the right colours can make all the difference. There’s a lot of inspiration all over the web, from sources like Keep your eyes peeled!

There are a lot of ways to improve the quality of your sleep, too. Make sure you only use your bed at night time – don’t lie in it during the day. This increases the connection your brain makes with your bed. If you only use it for sleep, you’ll be more likely to sleep when you crawl in it. Additionally, remove all technologies and TVs from your bedroom. The lights these bits of kit emit can be damaging to look at in the dark, and will keep you awake for longer.

Method #3: Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a common cause of stress and tiredness, and can suck the energy right out of you. So, whatever you do that day, keep some water nearby. Take a bottle to work, and leave it on your desk. Keep it in the car. Make sure you’re always prepared to give your body a sip of the cold stuff.

Any form of physical activity can incite dehydration. Even simply doing chores or walking causes our body to work that little bit harder. Most experts would recommend eight glasses per day, so if you do frequent physical activity, up this amount.

Pro tip: there’s also a rather crude way to tell if you’re getting enough water, and it involves the colour of your urine. The clearer the better!



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