Homemade Bread Crumbs recipe

You all must be knowing that last week I shared Potato and Green Peas bread rolls recipe. These rolls did not require bread sides, so I had many bread sides left with me that day. Instead of throwing them, I decided to make bread crumbs using those bread sides.

Making bread crumbs at home is very easy and require no much time. I used my microwave to make breads crisp and brown, but you can make it on stove top also. I am mentioning both the method here.


Homemade Bread crumbs Recipe:

Things you need:

  • Bread slices or bread sides
  • Blender
  • A microwave and a microwave safe plate/dish or a non-stick frying pan/griddle

1. Microwave Method:

  • Spread bread sides/slices in a microwave safe plate/dish.
  • Microwave them for 3 – 4 minutes (time vary with microwave) till they become crisp and brown. Do not let them burn though.
  • Remove and let them cool.
  • Cut into pieces and coarsely grind in a blender.

2. Stove top method:

  • Spread bread sides/slices in non-stick frying pan/griddle and dry roast them till they turn brown and crisp.
  • Remove and let them cool.
  • Cut into pieces and coarsely grind in a blender.


How to store homemade bread crumbs:

  • Store bread crumbs in an air tight container and refrigerate it.
  • Bread crumbs stay good in refrigerator for good enough time, say for 6 months to a year.

Have you tried making bread crumbs at home? Which method do you follow, microwave or stove top one? Do let me know by commenting below.


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