The Secret to Finding the Perfect Countertop

Remodeling the home, kitchen, bath or for that matter, any corner of the house needs a lot of deep thinking. Well, most people have a lot of unanswered questions related to the maker over they want to give their home. It is difficult to know from where to begin without actually knowing the whole process thoroughly. Perhaps, this could help as even having a little understanding about how things get done can change the entire course of your house renovation.

When you know what you are looking for and who can provide the expert guidance only then you can figure out what exactly goes well with your place. Therefore, here is a guide to help you pick the perfect countertop option for your kitchen.


Know What You Are Looking For:

Amongst all the amazing options that you have, picking the right one that best showcases your style statement is a big challenge. In the countertop category, the industry has both the natural stone and the manufactured one at your disposal. You need to make your choice by selecting which option suits your kitchen the best. Ensure to do your research on the material you pick and understand what it can do to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Pick What is Perfect and Just Not Looks Perfect:

There is a thin line difference between what is perfect and what looks like perfect. Ensure when you do your research you know this difference. Once you know what exactly are you looking for try searching for someone who can provide you that. Sometimes, going to a stone wholesaler is not the answer to your question. Instead, you need to look somewhere like Maxgranite to get what your eyes were searching since you planned the renovation. 

Get Into The Details:

Remember, the real devil lies into the details. The material that you picked may look great from the outside, however, did you ever think how this will work as a countertop in your kitchen? Explore the details – looking for standard thickness or what an uplifted edge? What edge – the square one or the bumpy one goes with your kitchen? This is important because the way the edge is done makes the kitchen countertop looks better.


The Template Fabrication:

After choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen, the next step is the creation of templates. This helps in measuring the exact length of the countertop. This helps in cutting the real size of countertop that needs to be fixed on the countertop. With the advancement in the technological realm, most templates are now created digitally. This is the only time when you can make any changes related to countertop because, after this, nothing is going to change.  

See Your Slab:

After the template, you would love to see how your slab is being cut. The natural stones have their unique characteristics to it and once you have been what the fabricator is going to do with the template and the actual slab, you can see for yourself that the center  slab and the front slab have nothing of some sort that you do not want to display in front.

The Template Layout:

Once you have figured out which area of the slab works for you and which do not, the fabricator will layout the template for you. He will do it in such a beautiful manner to make certain your countertop has the most amazing pattern and design. It will be laid on to your selected slab to ensure you get what you wanted. The color and the texture will play their roles in such a manner that your eyes love what they see.

Turning Slab into A Piece of Your Kitchen:

Before the installation process, your slab will be cut to make it a part of your kitchen in the form of your kitchen island. Once the cutting is done, the countertop is fabricated according to the exact size of the template. Sink and cooktops are cut out from the slab. Finally giving the edges the shape you wanted.

The Installation Process:

The last and the final step of getting the perfect countertop is the installation of your selected piece of slab. Once the final product is ready, your countertop will be installed with the utmost care. After the template is fabricated, this final step takes at least three weeks. However, the installation process only takes three to four hours. After everything is done to give it the finish you wanted, it will be sealed for some time.

Make your kitchen the dream place you always wanted it to be!

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