Difference between Dental Bridges, Crowns and Dentures

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You may have come across dental crowns, dental bridges and dentures, but do you know the difference of each dental procedure? All three are types of dental implants where the crowns and bridges are cemented into an existing tooth that is adjacent; while dentures, they can be taken out.

Dental Bridges:

This is actually a device that is used as a substitute for the missing teeth. This dental bridge will attach a false tooth to an adjacent tooth and be able to replace the missing tooth. This is permanently cemented to the natural teeth – they are the fixed bridges; though there are removable bridge


Dental Bridges

This dental implant procedure does not take 1 session alone to be completed. It takes several sessions or dental visits for it to be completed. Another thing with dental bridges is that it covers multiple damaged teeth. The bridge relies on the surrounding teeth to hold the structure together.

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Dental Crowns:

The dental crown is made to create a cap or entirely cover a damaged tooth as well as strengthening the damaged tooth. It is also used to help improve the shape, appearance, alignment and function of the teeth.


Dental Crown

There are different types of crowns where it can be matched to the natural color of the teeth, which is bonded to a metal shell to make it strong and attractive. Here are the rest of the uses of crowns:

  • Help in fixing a badly broken, cracked or worn down teeth.
  • A fix after a root canal treatment.
  • Covers a badly discolored tooth that no longer responds to any whitening treatments.
  • Keeps the strength of the teeth

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You are probably more familiar with dentures as a replacement for missing teeth. You can take out the dentures from your mouth and then put back in your mouth. Some dentures can look as natural as your original teeth and can be as comfortable as can be. Did you know that there are exactly two types of dentures – one is the complete dentures and the other one is the partial?


Complete Denture

For those that are not sure what type of dental procedure, treatment and solution to undergo, it is better to get your teeth checked and discuss with the dentist regarding what options to take. It is better to consult or see your dentist to find out which dental treatment is best for you. The cost varies or depends mostly on the damage of the teeth or in case of the missing teeth, the location.

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