Born Pretty Store Chic Elastic Star Ring Review #14557

People changes with time, their likes and dislikes too.

Earlier I use to like only delicate finger rings but recently I have developed a strong liking for statement rings. I still don’t like that gaudy gold rings but there is something in these statement rings. I have collected a few pieces recently and among those is this Born Pretty Store Chic Elastic Star Ring #14557.


Price: $ 2.95

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My views:

Born Pretty Store Chic Elastic Star Ring #14557 is a silver metal ring which has star made with diamond in the centre. This star is the center of attraction and it completes the ring. This ring is not very sturdy but something very delicate. It is not of a cheap quality but at the same time not something high in quality. It is a mediocre ring which doesn’t go with the price it comes.

The diamonds on the ring is bling-y enough and looks of good quality. Born Pretty Store Chic Elastic Star Ring #14557 is something which can be wore by anyone with any type of outfit. I like to wear such ring when I’m not wearing any other jewellery on my hand. You can accompany it with a delicate bracelet or watch.

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  • Beautiful ring
  • Decent quality
  • Free Shipping


  • Price is slightly higher comparing the quality

Rating: 5/5


Born Pretty Store Chic Elastic Star Ring #14557 is a pretty ring which goes with any outfit. If you like it, buy it!

So this was my review about the ring. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.


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