Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion Review

When it comes to cleanser I like non-foamy to less foaming cleansers which provide moisturisation while cleansing. This is why I mostly use cleansing milk as my everyday cleanser, or a creamy face wash. Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion which I’m going to review today is also a non-foamy cleanser which provides hydration post use. Let’s see in detail how it works and for whom it is.


About Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion:

Price: Rs. 139/- for 125 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Availability: Ethicare Website, Amazon, Flipkart



Packing: Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion comes in a white flip-up bottle with details stuck on it. It is further packed in a white carboard box.

My Views:

Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion is a white translucent liquid which has some chemical like smell. As you all know, I’m not very good at identifying smell so I can’t say much about what exactly it is like. All I can say is, it not floral nor fruity. The smell is not an irritating one and it does not stay for long post use.

Epiclin Cleansing Lotion does not lather at all. When you use it to wash your face, you feel it is like a cleansing milk. I massage this cleansing lotion on my damp face and then rinse my face with water. My face feel moisturised after rinsing and no, by moisturisation I don’t mean greasy. I didn’t experience any breakout with this cleanser. But still I won’t recommend it to people with oily skin.



Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion is made specially for sensitive and dry skin and it is safe for babies too. As per my experience I’ll say that this cleanser is good for dry and sensitive skin I can’t say whether you can use it for your babies or not. I personally feel we must use special baby products only for our babies.

Overall, it is a good everyday cleanser for dry skin and even people with sensitive won’t feel any discomfort using Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion.


The good points:

  • Mild, irritation-free cleanser
  • Good for dry & sensitive skin
  • Cleanses well
  • Moisturise skin
  • No stretchy or greasy feeling
  • Compact bottle

The bad point:

  • Not available easily

Rating: 4.5/5


Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion is a good cleanser meant for dry and sensitive. It is mild, it cleanse skin well and provides hydration post use. If you are someone with dry/sensitive skin then give it a try. Your skin is going to love it.

Have you tried Ethicare Epiclin Cleansing Lotion? How was yout experience with it?


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